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This module implements the worker classes.

Present Since
Class LocalWorker Local process worker protocol. This worker runs as a local process and communicates via stdin/out.
Class LocalWorkerAddress A IAddress implementation meant to provide stub addresses for ITransport.getPeer and ITransport.getHost.
Class LocalWorkerAMP Local implementation of the manager commands.
Class LocalWorkerTransport A stub transport implementation used to support AMP over a ProcessProtocol transport.
Class RunResult Represent the result of a workercommands.Run command.
Class Worker An object that can run actions.
Class WorkerProtocol The worker-side trial distributed protocol.
Exception NotRunning An operation was attempted on a worker process which is not running.
Exception WorkerException An exception was reported by a test running in a worker process.
Type Alias WorkerAction Undocumented
Type Variable _T Undocumented
WorkerAction = (source)


Callable[[Worker], Awaitable[_T]]