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HTTP client.
Class Agent Agent is a very basic HTTP client. It supports HTTP and HTTPS scheme URIs.
Class BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS SSL connection creator for web clients.
Class BrowserLikeRedirectAgent An Agent wrapper which handles HTTP redirects in the same fashion as web browsers.
Class ContentDecoderAgent An Agent wrapper to handle encoded content.
Class CookieAgent CookieAgent extends the basic Agent to add RFC-compliant handling of HTTP cookies. Cookies are written to and extracted from a cookielib.CookieJar instance.
Class FileBodyProducer FileBodyProducer produces bytes from an input file object incrementally and writes them to a consumer.
Class GzipDecoder A wrapper for a Response instance which handles gzip'ed body.
Class HostnameCachingHTTPSPolicy IPolicyForHTTPS that wraps a IPolicyForHTTPS and caches the created IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator.
Class HTTPConnectionPool A pool of persistent HTTP connections.
Class PartialDownloadError Page was only partially downloaded, we got disconnected in middle.
Class ProxyAgent An HTTP agent able to cross HTTP proxies.
Class RedirectAgent An Agent wrapper which handles HTTP redirects.
Class RequestGenerationFailed There was an error while creating the bytes which make up a request.
Class RequestTransmissionFailed There was an error while sending the bytes which make up a request.
Class Response A Response instance describes an HTTP response received from an HTTP server.
Class ResponseDone ResponseDone may be passed to IProtocol.connectionLost on the protocol passed to Response.deliverBody and indicates that the entire response has been delivered.
Class ResponseFailed ResponseFailed indicates that all of the response to a request was not received for some reason.
Class ResponseNeverReceived A ResponseFailed that knows no response bytes at all have been received.
Class URI A URI object.
Class WebClientContextFactory This class is deprecated. Please simply use Agent as-is, or if you want to customize something, use BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS.
Function readBody Get the body of an IResponse and return it as a byte string.
Function urlunparse Undocumented
Variable SSL Undocumented
Class _AgentBase Base class offering common facilities for Agent-type classes.
Class _ContextFactoryWithContext A _ContextFactoryWithContext is like a twisted.internet.ssl.ContextFactory with a pre-created context.
Class _DeprecatedToCurrentPolicyForHTTPS Adapt a web context factory to a normal context factory.
Class _FakeUrllib2Request A fake urllib2.Request object for cookielib to work with.
Class _FakeUrllib2Response A fake urllib2.Response object for cookielib to work with.
Class _GzipProtocol A Protocol implementation which wraps another one, transparently decompressing received data.
Class _HTTP11ClientFactory A factory for HTTP11ClientProtocol, used by HTTPConnectionPool.
Class _ReadBodyProtocol Protocol that collects data sent to it.
Class _RetryingHTTP11ClientProtocol A wrapper for HTTP11ClientProtocol that automatically retries requests.
Class _StandardEndpointFactory Standard HTTP endpoint destinations - TCP for HTTP, TCP+TLS for HTTPS.
Function _makeGetterFactory Create and connect an HTTP page getting factory.
Function _requireSSL The decorated method requires pyOpenSSL to be present, or it raises NotImplementedError.
Function _urljoin No summary
Variable _canonicalHeaderName Undocumented
Variable _defaultSensitiveHeaders Undocumented
def readBody(response): (source)

Get the body of an IResponse and return it as a byte string.

This is a helper function for clients that don't want to incrementally receive the body of an HTTP response.

response:IResponse providerThe HTTP response for which the body will be read.
defer.Deferred[bytes]A Deferred which will fire with the body of the response. Cancelling it will close the connection to the server immediately.
def urlunparse(parts): (source)



def _makeGetterFactory(url, factoryFactory, contextFactory=None, *args, **kwargs): (source)

Create and connect an HTTP page getting factory.

Any additional positional or keyword arguments are used when calling factoryFactory.

factoryFactoryFactory factory that is called with url, args and kwargs to produce the getter
contextFactoryContext factory to use when creating a secure connection, defaulting to None
The factory created by factoryFactory
def _requireSSL(decoratee): (source)
The decorated method requires pyOpenSSL to be present, or it raises NotImplementedError.
decoratee:callableA function which requires pyOpenSSL.
callableA function which raises NotImplementedError if pyOpenSSL is not installed; otherwise, if it is installed, simply return decoratee.
def _urljoin(base, url): (source)

Construct a full ("absolute") URL by combining a "base URL" with another URL. Informally, this uses components of the base URL, in particular the addressing scheme, the network location and (part of) the path, to provide missing components in the relative URL.

Additionally, the fragment identifier is preserved according to the HTTP 1.1 bis draft.

base:bytesBase URL.
url:bytesURL to combine with base.
An absolute URL resulting from the combination of base and url.
See Also
_canonicalHeaderName = (source)


_defaultSensitiveHeaders = (source)