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class BrowserLikeRedirectAgent(RedirectAgent): (source)

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An Agent wrapper which handles HTTP redirects in the same fashion as web browsers.

Unlike RedirectAgent, the implementation is more relaxed: 301 and 302 behave like 303, redirecting automatically on any method and altering the redirect request to a GET.

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Class Variable _redirectResponses Undocumented
Class Variable _seeOtherResponses Undocumented

Inherited from RedirectAgent:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method request Send a client request following HTTP redirects.
Method _handleRedirect Handle a redirect response, checking the number of redirects already followed, and extracting the location header fields.
Method _handleResponse Handle the response, making another request if it indicates a redirect.
Method _resolveLocation Resolve the redirect location against the request URI.
Instance Variable _agent Undocumented
Instance Variable _redirectLimit Undocumented
Instance Variable _sensitiveHeaderNames Undocumented
_redirectResponses = (source)
_seeOtherResponses = (source)