package documentation

Twisted Web: HTTP clients and servers, plus tools for implementing them.

Contains a web server (including an HTTP implementation, a resource model), and a web client.

Module client HTTP client.
Module demo I am a simple test resource.
Module distrib Distributed web servers.
Module domhelpers A library for performing interesting tasks with DOM objects.
Module error Exception definitions for twisted.web.
Module guard Resource traversal integration with twisted.cred to allow for authentication and authorization of HTTP requests.
Module html I hold HTML generation helpers.
Module http HyperText Transfer Protocol implementation.
Module http_headers An API for storing HTTP header names and values.
Module iweb Interface definitions for twisted.web.
Module microdom Micro Document Object Model: a partial DOM implementation with SUX.
Module proxy Simplistic HTTP proxy support.
Module resource Implementation of the lowest-level Resource class.
Module rewrite No module docstring; 1/2 function, 0/1 class documented
Module script I contain PythonScript, which is a very simple python script resource.
Module server This is a web server which integrates with the twisted.internet infrastructure.
Module soap SOAP support for twisted.web.
Module static Static resources for twisted.web.
Module sux *S*mall, *U*ncomplicated *X*ML.
Module tap Support for creating a service which runs a web server.
Module template HTML rendering for twisted.web.
Module twcgi I hold resource classes and helper classes that deal with CGI scripts.
Module util An assortment of web server-related utilities.
Module vhost I am a virtual hosts implementation.
Module wsgi An implementation of Python Web Server Gateway Interface v1.0.1.
Module xmlrpc A generic resource for publishing objects via XML-RPC.
Package _auth HTTP header-based authentication migrated from web2
Module _element No module docstring; 0/1 variable, 1/2 function, 2/2 classes documented
Module _flatten Context-free flattener/serializer for rendering Python objects, possibly complex or arbitrarily nested, as strings.
Module _http2 HTTP2 Implementation
Module _newclient An HTTP 1.1 client.
Module _responses HTTP response code definitions.
Module _stan An s-expression-like syntax for expressing xml in pure python.
Module _template_util twisted.web.util and twisted.web.template merged to avoid cyclic deps