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class IPolicyForHTTPS(Interface): (source)

Known implementations: twisted.web.client.BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS, twisted.web.client.HostnameCachingHTTPSPolicy, twisted.web.client._DeprecatedToCurrentPolicyForHTTPS

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An IPolicyForHTTPS provides a policy for verifying the certificates of HTTPS connections, in the form of a client connection creator per network location.
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Method creatorForNetloc No summary
def creatorForNetloc(hostname, port): (source)
Create a client connection creator appropriate for the given URL "netloc"; i.e. hostname and port number pair.
hostname:bytesThe name of the requested remote host.
port:intThe number of the requested remote port.
client connection creatorA client connection creator expressing the security requirements for the given remote host.