module documentation

Service architecture for Twisted.

Services are arranged in a hierarchy. At the leafs of the hierarchy, the services which actually interact with the outside world are started. Services can be named or anonymous -- usually, they will be named if there is need to access them through the hierarchy (from a parent or a sibling).

Maintainer: Moshe Zadka

Interface IProcess Process running parameters.
Interface IService A service.
Interface IServiceCollection Collection of services.
Interface IServiceMaker An object which can be used to construct services in a flexible way.
Class MultiService Straightforward Service Container.
Class Process Process running parameters.
Class Service Base class for services.
Class ServiceMaker Utility class to simplify the definition of IServiceMaker plugins.
Function Application Return a compound class.
Function loadApplication Load Application from a given file.
def Application(name, uid=None, gid=None): (source)

Return a compound class.

Return an object supporting the IService, IServiceCollection, IProcess and sob.IPersistable interfaces, with the given parameters. Always access the return value by explicit casting to one of the interfaces.

def loadApplication(filename, kind, passphrase=None): (source)

Load Application from a given file.

The serialization format it was saved in should be given as kind, and is one of pickle, source, xml or python. If passphrase is given, the application was encrypted with the given passphrase.