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class UnsupportedMethod(Exception): (source)

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Raised by a resource when faced with a strange request method.

RFC 2616 (HTTP 1.1) gives us two choices when faced with this situation: If the type of request is known to us, but not allowed for the requested resource, respond with NOT_ALLOWED. Otherwise, if the request is something we don't know how to deal with in any case, respond with NOT_IMPLEMENTED.

When this exception is raised by a Resource's render method, the server will make the appropriate response.

This exception's first argument MUST be a sequence of the methods the resource *does* support.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
Instance Variable allowedMethods Undocumented
def __init__(self, allowedMethods, *args): (source)


def __str__(self): (source)


allowedMethods = (source)