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class RawText(microdom.Text): (source)

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This is an evil and horrible speed hack. Basically, if you have a big chunk of XML that you want to insert into the DOM, but you don't want to incur the cost of parsing it, you can construct one of these and insert it into the DOM. This will most certainly only work with microdom as the API for converting nodes to xml is different in every DOM implementation.

This could be improved by making this class a Lazy parser, so if you inserted this into the DOM and then later actually tried to mutate this node, it would be parsed then.

Method writexml Undocumented

Inherited from Text:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method cloneNode Undocumented
Method isEqualToNode Compare this text to text. If the underlying values and the raw flag are the same, return True, otherwise return False.
Instance Variable raw Undocumented

Inherited from CharacterData (via Text):

Method isEqualToCharacterData Undocumented
Instance Variable data Undocumented
Instance Variable nodeValue Undocumented
Instance Variable value Undocumented

Inherited from Node (via Text, CharacterData):

Method appendChild Make the given Node the last child of this node.
Method firstChild Undocumented
Method hasChildNodes Undocumented
Method insertBefore Make the given Node new a child of this node which comes before the Node ref.
Method lastChild Undocumented
Method removeChild Remove the given Node from this node's children.
Method replaceChild Replace a Node which is already a child of this node with a different node.
Method toprettyxml Undocumented
Method toxml Undocumented
Method writeprettyxml Undocumented
Class Variable nodeName Undocumented
Instance Variable childNodes Undocumented
Instance Variable parentNode Undocumented
def writexml(self, writer, indent='', addindent='', newl='', strip=0, nsprefixes=None, namespace=None): (source)