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Interface documentation.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring

Interface IAcceptableCiphers A list of acceptable ciphers for a TLS context.
Interface IAddress An address, e.g. a TCP (host, port).
Interface ICipher A TLS cipher.
Interface IConnector Object used to interface between connections and protocols.
Interface IConsumer A consumer consumes data from a producer.
Interface IDelayedCall A scheduled call.
Interface IFileDescriptor An interface representing a UNIX-style numeric file descriptor.
Interface IFileDescriptorReceiver No summary
Interface IHalfCloseableDescriptor A descriptor that can be half-closed.
Interface IHalfCloseableProtocol Implemented to indicate they want notification of half-closes.
Interface IHandshakeListener An interface implemented by a IProtocol to indicate that it would like to be notified when TLS handshakes complete when run over a TLS-based transport.
Interface IHostnameResolver An IHostnameResolver can resolve a host name and port number into a series of IAddress objects.
Interface IHostResolution An IHostResolution represents represents an in-progress recursive query for a DNS name.
Interface IListeningPort A listening port.
Interface ILoggingContext Give context information that will be used to log events generated by this item.
Interface IMulticastTransport Additional functionality for multicast UDP.
Interface INegotiated A TLS based transport that supports using ALPN/NPN to negotiate the protocol to be used inside the encrypted tunnel.
Interface IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator A provider of IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator can create OpenSSL.SSL.Connection objects for TLS clients.
Interface IOpenSSLContextFactory No summary
Interface IOpenSSLServerConnectionCreator A provider of IOpenSSLServerConnectionCreator can create OpenSSL.SSL.Connection objects for TLS servers.
Interface IProcessProtocol Interface for process-related event handlers.
Interface IProcessTransport A process transport.
Interface IProducer A producer produces data for a consumer.
Interface IProtocol No interface docstring; 4/4 methods documented
Interface IProtocolFactory Interface for protocol factories.
Interface IProtocolNegotiationFactory No summary
Interface IPullProducer A pull producer, also known as a non-streaming producer, is expected to produce data each time resumeProducing() is called.
Interface IPushProducer No summary
Interface IReactorCore Core methods that a Reactor must implement.
Interface IReactorDaemonize A reactor which provides hooks that need to be called before and after daemonization.
Interface IReactorFDSet Implement me to be able to use IFileDescriptor type resources.
Interface IReactorFromThreads This interface is the set of thread-safe methods which may be invoked on the reactor from other threads.
Interface IReactorInThreads This interface contains the methods exposed by a reactor which will let you run functions in another thread.
Interface IReactorMulticast UDP socket methods that support multicast.
Interface IReactorPluggableNameResolver An IReactorPluggableNameResolver is a reactor whose name resolver can be set to a user-supplied object.
Interface IReactorPluggableResolver An IReactorPluggableResolver is a reactor which can be customized with an IResolverSimple. This is a fairly limited interface, that supports only IPv4; you should use IReactorPluggableNameResolver instead.
Interface IReactorProcess No interface docstring; 1/1 method documented
Interface IReactorSocket Methods which allow a reactor to use externally created sockets.
Interface IReactorSSL No interface docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Interface IReactorTCP No interface docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Interface IReactorThreads Dispatch methods to be run in threads.
Interface IReactorTime Time methods that a Reactor should implement.
Interface IReactorUDP UDP socket methods.
Interface IReactorUNIX UNIX socket methods.
Interface IReactorUNIXDatagram Datagram UNIX socket methods.
Interface IReactorWin32Events Win32 Event API methods
Interface IReadDescriptor An IFileDescriptor that can read.
Interface IReadWriteDescriptor An IFileDescriptor that can both read and write.
Interface IResolutionReceiver An IResolutionReceiver receives the results of a hostname resolution in progress, initiated by an IHostnameResolver.
Interface IResolver No interface docstring; 24/24 methods documented
Interface IResolverSimple No interface docstring; 1/1 method documented
Interface IServiceCollection An object which provides access to a collection of services.
Interface ISSLTransport A SSL/TLS based transport.
Interface IStreamClientEndpoint A stream client endpoint is a place that ClientFactory can connect to. For example, a remote TCP host/port pair would be a TCP client endpoint.
Interface IStreamClientEndpointStringParserWithReactor An IStreamClientEndpointStringParserWithReactor is a parser which can convert a set of string *args and **kwargs into an IStreamClientEndpoint provider.
Interface IStreamServerEndpoint A stream server endpoint is a place that a Factory can listen for incoming connections.
Interface IStreamServerEndpointStringParser No summary
Interface ISystemHandle An object that wraps a networking OS-specific handle.
Interface ITCPTransport A TCP based transport.
Interface ITLSTransport A TCP transport that supports switching to TLS midstream.
Interface ITransport I am a transport for bytes.
Interface IUDPTransport Transport for UDP DatagramProtocols.
Interface IUNIXDatagramConnectedTransport Transport for UDP ConnectedPacketProtocols.
Interface IUNIXDatagramTransport Transport for UDP PacketProtocols.
Interface IUNIXTransport Transport for stream-oriented unix domain connections.
Interface IWriteDescriptor An IFileDescriptor that can write.
Interface _ISupportsExitSignalCapturing No summary