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class IReactorTime(Interface): (source)

Known implementations: twisted.internet.base.ReactorBase, twisted.internet.task.Clock

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Time methods that a Reactor should implement.
Method callLater Call a function later.
Method getDelayedCalls See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTime.getDelayedCalls
Method seconds Get the current time in seconds.
def callLater(delay, callable, *args, **kwargs): (source)
Call a function later.
delay:floatthe number of seconds to wait.
callable:Callable[..., Any]the callable object to call later.
args:objectthe arguments to call it with.
kwargs:objectthe keyword arguments to call it with.
IDelayedCallAn object which provides IDelayedCall and can be used to cancel the scheduled call, by calling its cancel() method. It also may be rescheduled by calling its delay() or reset() methods.
def seconds(): (source)
Get the current time in seconds.
floatA number-like object of some sort.