module documentation

A module that needs a better name.

Implements new cred things for words.

How does this thing work?

  • Network connection on some port expecting to speak some protocol
  • Protocol-specific authentication, resulting in some kind of credentials object
  • twisted.cred.portal login using those credentials for the interface IUser and with something implementing IChatClient as the mind
  • successful login results in an IUser avatar the protocol can call methods on, and state added to the realm such that the mind will have methods called on it as is necessary
  • protocol specific actions lead to calls onto the avatar; remote events lead to calls onto the mind
  • protocol specific hangup, realm is notified, user is removed from active play, the end.
Class AvatarReference Undocumented
Class ChatAvatar Undocumented
Class Group Undocumented
Class InMemoryWordsRealm Undocumented
Class IRCFactory IRC server that creates instances of the IRCUser protocol.
Class IRCUser Protocol instance representing an IRC user connected to the server.
Class PBGroup Undocumented
Class PBGroupReference Undocumented
Class PBMind Undocumented
Class PBMindReference Undocumented
Class PBUser Undocumented
Class User Undocumented
Class WordsRealm No class docstring; 0/1 instance variable, 0/3 class variable, 2/14 methods documented
Constant NICKSERV Undocumented
NICKSERV: str = (source)