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class XmlStreamFactory(XmlStreamFactoryMixin, protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory): (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory

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Factory for XmlStream protocol objects as a reconnection client.
Method buildProtocol Create a protocol instance.

Inherited from XmlStreamFactoryMixin:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Instance Variable args Positional arguments passed to the protocol upon instantiation.
Instance Variable kwargs Keyword arguments passed to the protocol upon instantiation.

Inherited from BootstrapMixin (via XmlStreamFactoryMixin):

Method addBootstrap Add a bootstrap event handler.
Method installBootstraps Install registered bootstrap observers.
Method removeBootstrap Remove a bootstrap event handler.
Instance Variable bootstraps The list of registered bootstrap event observers.

Inherited from ReconnectingClientFactory:

Method __getstate__ No summary
Method clientConnectionFailed Called when a connection has failed to connect.
Method clientConnectionLost Called when an established connection is lost.
Method resetDelay Call this method after a successful connection: it resets the delay and the retry counter.
Method retry Have this connector connect again, after a suitable delay.
Method stopTrying Put a stop to any attempt to reconnect in progress.
Instance Variable clock The clock used to schedule reconnection. It's mainly useful to be parametrized in tests. If the factory is serialized, this attribute will not be serialized, and the default value (the reactor) will be restored when deserialized.
Instance Variable connector Undocumented
Instance Variable continueTrying Undocumented
Instance Variable delay Undocumented
Instance Variable factor A multiplicitive factor by which the delay grows
Instance Variable initialDelay Delay for the first reconnection attempt.
Instance Variable jitter Percentage of randomness to introduce into the delay length to prevent stampeding.
Instance Variable maxDelay Maximum number of seconds between connection attempts.
Instance Variable maxRetries Maximum number of consecutive unsuccessful connection attempts, after which no further connection attempts will be made. If this is not explicitly set, no maximum is applied.
Instance Variable retries Undocumented
Instance Variable _callID Undocumented

Inherited from ClientFactory (via ReconnectingClientFactory):

Method startedConnecting Called when a connection has been started.

Inherited from Factory (via ReconnectingClientFactory, ClientFactory):

Class Method forProtocol Create a factory for the given protocol.
Method doStart Make sure startFactory is called.
Method doStop Make sure stopFactory is called.
Method logPrefix Describe this factory for log messages.
Method startFactory This will be called before I begin listening on a Port or Connector.
Method stopFactory This will be called before I stop listening on all Ports/Connectors.
Class Variable noisy Undocumented
Class Variable protocol Undocumented
Instance Variable numPorts Undocumented
def buildProtocol(self, addr): (source)

Create a protocol instance.

Overrides XmlStreamFactoryMixin.buildProtocol to work with a ReconnectingClientFactory. As this is called upon having an connection established, we are resetting the delay for reconnection attempts when the connection is lost again.