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class XmlPipe: (source)

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XML stream pipe.

Connects two objects that communicate stanzas through an XML stream like interface. Each of the ends of the pipe (sink and source) can be used to send XML stanzas to the other side, or add observers to process XML stanzas that were sent from the other side.

XML pipes are usually used in place of regular XML streams that are transported over TCP. This is the reason for the use of the names source and sink for both ends of the pipe. The source side corresponds with the entity that initiated the TCP connection, whereas the sink corresponds with the entity that accepts that connection. In this object, though, the source and sink are treated equally.

Unlike Jabber XmlStreams, the sink and source objects are assumed to represent an eternal connected and initialized XML stream. As such, events corresponding to connection, disconnection, initialization and stream errors are not dispatched or processed.

Present Since
Method __init__ Undocumented
Instance Variable sink Sink XML stream.
Instance Variable source Source XML stream.
def __init__(self): (source)


sink = (source)
Sink XML stream.
source = (source)
Source XML stream.