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class XMPPHandlerCollection: (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.StreamManager

Implements interfaces: twisted.words.protocols.jabber.ijabber.IXMPPHandlerCollection

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Collection of XMPP subprotocol handlers.

This allows for grouping of subprotocol handlers, but is not an XMPPHandler itself, so this is not recursive.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __iter__ Act as a container for handlers.
Method addHandler Add protocol handler.
Method removeHandler Remove protocol handler.
Instance Variable handlers List of protocol handlers.
def __init__(self): (source)
def __iter__(self): (source)
def addHandler(self, handler): (source)
def removeHandler(self, handler): (source)
handlers: list of objects providing IXMPPHandler = (source)
List of protocol handlers.