module documentation

Defines classes that handle the results of tests.
Class BrokenTestCaseWarning Emitted as a warning when an exception occurs in one of setUp or tearDown.
Class MinimalReporter A minimalist reporter that prints only a summary of the test result, in the form of (timeTaken, #tests, #tests, #errors, #failures, #skips).
Class Reporter A basic TestResult with support for writing to a stream.
Class SafeStream Wraps a stream object so that all write calls are wrapped in untilConcludes.
Class SubunitReporter Reports test output via Subunit.
Class TestResult Accumulates the results of several twisted.trial.unittest.TestCases.
Class TestResultDecorator Base class for TestResult decorators.
Class TextReporter Simple reporter that prints a single character for each test as it runs, along with the standard Trial summary text.
Class TimingTextReporter Prints out each test as it is running, followed by the time taken for each test to run.
Class TreeReporter Print out the tests in the form a tree.
Class UncleanWarningsReporterWrapper A wrapper for a reporter that converts util.DirtyReactorAggregateErrors to warnings.
Class VerboseTextReporter A verbose reporter that prints the name of each test as it is running.
Variable TestProtocolClient Undocumented
Class _AdaptedReporter TestResult decorator that makes sure that addError only gets tests that have been adapted with a particular test adapter.
Class _AnsiColorizer A colorizer is an object that loosely wraps around a stream, allowing callers to write text to the stream in a particular color.
Class _ExitWrapper A wrapper for a reporter that causes the reporter to stop after unsuccessful tests.
Class _NullColorizer See _AnsiColorizer docstring.
Class _Win32Colorizer See _AnsiColorizer docstring.
Function _makeTodo Return a Todo object built from value.
TestProtocolClient = (source)


def _makeTodo(value): (source)

Return a Todo object built from value.

This is a synonym for twisted.trial.unittest.makeTodo, but imported locally to avoid circular imports.

valueA string or a tuple of (errors, reason), where errors is either a single exception class or an iterable of exception classes.
A Todo object.