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class WorkerOptions(_BasicOptions, Options, ReactorSelectionMixin): (source)

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Options forwarded to the trial distributed worker.
Method coverdir Return a FilePath representing the directory into which coverage results should be written.

Inherited from _BasicOptions:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getSynopsis Undocumented
Method opt_coverage Generate coverage information in the coverage file in the directory specified by the temp-directory option.
Method opt_disablegc Disable the garbage collector
Method opt_help_orders Undocumented
Method opt_help_reporters Undocumented
Method opt_random Undocumented
Method opt_recursionlimit see sys.setrecursionlimit()
Method opt_spew Print an insanely verbose log of everything that happens. Useful when debugging freezes or locks in complex code.
Method opt_tbformat Specify the format to display tracebacks with. Valid formats are 'plain', 'emacs', and 'cgitb' which uses the nicely verbose stdlib cgitb.text function
Method opt_testmodule Filename to grep for test cases (-*- test-case-name).
Method opt_without_module Fake the lack of the specified modules, separated with commas.
Method parseArgs Undocumented
Method postOptions Undocumented
Class Variable compData Undocumented
Class Variable longdesc Undocumented
Class Variable optFlags Undocumented
Class Variable optParameters Undocumented
Instance Variable tracer Undocumented
Method _loadReporterByName Undocumented

Inherited from Options:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method getSynopsis Returns a string containing a description of these options and how to pass them to the executed file.
Method getUsage Undocumented
Method opt_help Display this help and exit.
Method opt_version Display Twisted version and exit.
Method parseArgs I am called with any leftover arguments which were not options.
Method parseOptions The guts of the command-line parser.
Method postOptions I am called after the options are parsed.
Class Variable completionData Undocumented
Class Variable defaultSubCommand Undocumented
Class Variable parent Undocumented
Instance Variable defaults Undocumented
Instance Variable docs Undocumented
Instance Variable longOpt Undocumented
Instance Variable opts Undocumented
Instance Variable shortOpt Undocumented
Instance Variable subCommand Undocumented
Instance Variable subOptions Undocumented
Instance Variable synonyms Undocumented
Method _gather_flags Gather up boolean (flag) options.
Method _gather_handlers Gather up options with their own handler methods.
Method _gather_parameters Gather options which take a value.
Method _generic_flag Undocumented
Instance Variable _dispatch Undocumented

Inherited from ReactorSelectionMixin:

Method opt_help_reactors Display a list of possibly available reactor names.
Method opt_reactor Which reactor to use (see --help-reactors for a list of possibilities)
Class Variable compData Undocumented
Class Variable _getReactorTypes Undocumented
def coverdir(self): (source)
Return a FilePath representing the directory into which coverage results should be written.