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class SimpleConfFile: (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.runner.inetdconf.InetdConf, twisted.runner.inetdconf.ServicesConf

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Simple configuration file parser superclass.

Filters out comments and empty lines (which includes lines that only contain comments).

To use this class, override parseLine or parseFields.

Method parseFields Override this.
Method parseFile Parse a configuration file
Method parseLine Override this.
Class Variable commentChar Undocumented
Class Variable defaultFilename Undocumented
def parseFields(self, *fields): (source)
def parseFile(self, file=None): (source)

Parse a configuration file

If file is None and self.defaultFilename is set, it will open defaultFilename and use it.

def parseLine(self, line): (source)

Override this.

By default, this will split the line on whitespace and call self.parseFields (catching any errors).

commentChar: str = (source)