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class ZipFileEntry(_FileEntry): (source)

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File-like object used to read an uncompressed entry in a ZipFile
Method __init__ Create a _FileEntry from a ChunkingZipFile.
Method read Undocumented
Method tell Undocumented
Instance Variable finished Undocumented
Instance Variable readBytes Undocumented

Inherited from _FileEntry:

Method __enter__ Undocumented
Method __exit__ Undocumented
Method __iter__ Returns an iterator (so self)
Method __next__ Implement next as file does (like readline, except raises StopIteration at EOF)
Method close Close self (file-like object)
Method isatty Returns false because zip files should not be ttys
Method readline Read a line.
Method readlines Returns a list of all the lines
Method xreadlines Returns an iterator (so self)
Instance Variable chunkingZipFile a chunking zip file.
Instance Variable closed File-like 'closed' attribute; True before this file has been closed, False after.
Instance Variable fp the underlying file object (that contains pkzip data). Do not touch this, please. It will quite likely move or go away.
Instance Variable length The number of bytes within the zip file that represent this file. (This is the size on disk, not the number of decompressed bytes which will result from reading it.)
def __init__(self, chunkingZipFile, length): (source)
def read(self, n=None): (source)


def tell(self): (source)


readBytes: int = (source)