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class ILogObserver(Interface): (source)

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An observer which can do something with log events.

Given that most log observers are actually bound methods, it's okay to not explicitly declare provision of this interface.

Method __call__ Log an event.
def __call__(eventDict): (source)
Log an event.

A dictionary with arbitrary keys. However, these keys are often available:

  • message: A tuple of str containing messages to be logged.
  • system: A str which indicates the "system" which is generating this event.
  • isError: A bool indicating whether this event represents an error.
  • failure: A failure.Failure instance
  • why: Used as header of the traceback in case of errors.
  • format: A string format used in place of message to customize the event. The intent is for the observer to format a message by doing something like format % eventDict.