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class _Frame: (source)

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A fake frame object, used by _Traceback.
Method __init__
Instance Variable f_back previous stack frame (towards the caller)
Instance Variable f_code fake code object
Instance Variable f_globals fake f_globals dictionary (usually empty)
Instance Variable f_lineno line number
Instance Variable f_locals fake f_locals dictionary (usually empty)
def __init__(self, frameinfo, back): (source)
frameinfo(methodname, filename, lineno, locals, globals)
back:frameprevious (older) stack frame
f_back = (source)
previous stack frame (towards the caller)
f_code = (source)
fake code object
f_globals: dict = (source)
fake f_globals dictionary (usually empty)
f_lineno = (source)
line number
f_locals: dict = (source)
fake f_locals dictionary (usually empty)