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Resolver implementation for querying successive authoritative servers to lookup a record, starting from the root nameservers.

Jp Calderone


    robustify it
Class DeferredResolver Undocumented
Class Resolver Resolver implements recursive lookup starting from a specified list of root servers.
Function bootstrap Lookup the root nameserver addresses using the given resolver
Function makePlaceholder Undocumented
Class _DummyController A do-nothing DNS controller. This is useful when all messages received will be responses to previously issued queries. Anything else received will be ignored.
def bootstrap(resolver, resolverFactory=None): (source)

Lookup the root nameserver addresses using the given resolver

Return a Resolver which will eventually become a root.Resolver instance that has references to all the root servers that we were able to look up.

resolver:twisted.internet.interfaces.IResolverSimpleThe resolver instance which will be used to lookup the root nameserver addresses.
resolverFactory:callableAn optional callable which returns a resolver instance. It will passed as the resolverFactory argument to Resolver.__init__.
A DeferredResolver which will be dynamically replaced with Resolver when the root nameservers have been looked up.
def makePlaceholder(deferred, name): (source)