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class ManagedRelayerMixin: (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.mail.relaymanager.ESMTPManagedRelayer, twisted.mail.relaymanager.SMTPManagedRelayer

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SMTP Relayer which notifies a manager

Notify the manager about successful mail, failed mail and broken connections

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method connectionLost called when connection is broken
Method factory.setter Undocumented
Method sentMail called when e-mail has been sent
Instance Variable manager Undocumented
Property factory Undocumented
Instance Variable _factory Undocumented
def connectionLost(self, reason=connectionDone): (source)

called when connection is broken

notify manager we will try to send no more e-mail

def factory(self, value): (source)


def sentMail(self, code, resp, numOk, addresses, log): (source)

called when e-mail has been sent

we will always get 0 or 1 addresses.

manager = (source)


factory = (source)
_factory = (source)