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class APOPCredentials: (source)

Implements interfaces: twisted.cred.credentials.IUsernamePassword

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Credentials for use in APOP authentication.
Method __init__
Method checkPassword Validate a plaintext password against the credentials.
Instance Variable digest See __init__
Instance Variable magic See __init__
Instance Variable username See __init__
def __init__(self, magic, username, digest): (source)
magic:bytesThe challenge string used to encrypt the password.
username:bytesThe username associated with these credentials.
digest:bytesAn encrypted version of the user's password. Should be generated as an MD5 hash of the challenge string concatenated with the plaintext password.
def checkPassword(self, password): (source)
Validate a plaintext password against the credentials.
password:bytesA plaintext password.
boolTrue if the credentials represented by this object match the given password, False if they do not.