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class _RFC822MessageStructure(_SinglepartMessageStructure): (source)

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_RFC822MessageStructure represents the message structure of a message/rfc822 message.
Method encode No summary

Inherited from _SinglepartMessageStructure:

Method __init__
Instance Variable attrs Undocumented
Instance Variable main Undocumented
Instance Variable subtype Undocumented
Method _basicFields Return a list of the basic fields for a single-part message.
Method _extended The extension data of a non-multipart body part are in the following order:
Class Variable _HEADERS Undocumented

Inherited from _MessageStructure (via _SinglepartMessageStructure):

Instance Variable message Undocumented
Method _disposition Parse a Content-Disposition header into a two-sequence of the disposition and a flattened list of its parameters.
Method _unquotedAttrs
def encode(self, extended): (source)
A body type of type MESSAGE and subtype RFC822 contains, immediately after the basic fields, the envelope structure, body structure, and size in text lines of the encapsulated message.