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class RaisingMemoryReactor: (source)

Implements interfaces: twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorSocket, twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorSSL, twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTCP, twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorUNIX

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A fake reactor to be used in tests. It accepts TCP connection setup attempts, but they will fail.
Method __init__
Method adoptDatagramPort Fake IReactorSocket.adoptDatagramPort, that raises _connectException.
Method adoptStreamConnection Fake IReactorSocket.adoptStreamConnection, that raises _connectException.
Method adoptStreamPort Fake IReactorSocket.adoptStreamPort, that raises _listenException.
Method connectSSL Fake IReactorSSL.connectSSL, that raises _connectException.
Method connectTCP Fake IReactorTCP.connectTCP, that raises _connectException.
Method connectUNIX Fake IReactorUNIX.connectUNIX, that raises _connectException.
Method listenSSL Fake IReactorSSL.listenSSL, that raises _listenException.
Method listenTCP Fake IReactorTCP.listenTCP, that raises _listenException.
Method listenUNIX Fake IReactorUNIX.listenUNIX, that raises _listenException.
Instance Variable _connectException An instance of an Exception
Instance Variable _listenException An instance of an Exception
def __init__(self, listenException=None, connectException=None): (source)
listenExceptionAn instance of an Exception to raise when any listen method is called.
connectExceptionAn instance of an Exception to raise when any connect method is called.
def adoptDatagramPort(self, fileDescriptor, addressFamily, protocol, maxPacketSize): (source)
def adoptStreamConnection(self, fileDescriptor, addressFamily, factory): (source)
def adoptStreamPort(self, fileno, addressFamily, factory): (source)
def connectSSL(self, host, port, factory, contextFactory, timeout=30, bindAddress=None): (source)
def connectTCP(self, host, port, factory, timeout=30, bindAddress=None): (source)
def connectUNIX(self, address, factory, timeout=30, checkPID=0): (source)
def listenSSL(self, port, factory, contextFactory, backlog=50, interface=''): (source)
def listenTCP(self, port, factory, backlog=50, interface=''): (source)
def listenUNIX(self, address, factory, backlog=50, mode=438, wantPID=0): (source)
_connectException = (source)
An instance of an Exception
_listenException = (source)
An instance of an Exception