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class _TLSClientEndpointParser: (source)

Implements interfaces: twisted.internet.interfaces.IStreamClientEndpointStringParserWithReactor, twisted.plugin.IPlugin

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Stream client endpoint string parser for wrapClientTLS with HostnameEndpoint.
Static Method parseStreamClient No summary
Instance Variable prefix See IStreamClientEndpointStringParserWithReactor.prefix.
def parseStreamClient(reactor, *args, **kwargs): (source)
Redirects to another function _parseClientTLS; tricks zope.interface into believing the interface is correctly implemented, since the signature is (reactor, *args, **kwargs). See _parseClientTLS for the specific signature description for this endpoint parser.
reactorThe reactor passed to clientFromString.
args:tupleThe positional arguments in the endpoint description.
kwargs:dictThe named arguments in the endpoint description.
IStreamClientEndpointa client TLS endpoint