class documentation

Wrapper for an iq stanza.

Iq stanzas are used for communications with a request-response behaviour. Each iq request is associated with an XML stream and has its own unique id to be able to track the response.

Method __init__ No summary
Method send Send out this iq.
Instance Variable timeout if set, a timeout period after which the deferred returned by send will have its errback called with a TimeoutError failure.
Instance Variable _xmlstream Undocumented

Inherited from Element:

Method __bytes__ Retrieve the first character data node as UTF-8 bytes.
Method __delitem__ Undocumented
Method __getattr__ Undocumented
Method __getitem__ Undocumented
Method __setitem__ Undocumented
Method __unicode__ Retrieve the first CData (content) node
Method addChild Add a child to this Element.
Method addContent Add some text data to this Element.
Method addElement Create an element and add as child.
Method addRawXml Add a pre-serialized chunk o' XML as a child of this Element.
Method addUniqueId Add a unique (across a given Python session) id attribute to this Element.
Method compareAttribute Safely compare the value of an attribute against a provided value.
Method elements Iterate across all children of this Element that are Elements.
Method firstChildElement Undocumented
Method getAttribute Retrieve the value of attribname, if it exists
Method hasAttribute Determine if the specified attribute exists
Method swapAttributeValues Swap the values of two attribute.
Method toXml Serialize this Element and all children to a string.
Instance Variable attributes Dictionary of attributes associated with this Element.
Instance Variable children List of child Elements and content
Instance Variable defaultUri URI this Element exists within
Instance Variable localPrefixes Dictionary of namespace declarations on this element. The key is the prefix to bind the namespace uri to.
Instance Variable name Name of this Element
Instance Variable parent Reference to the parent Element, if any.
Instance Variable uri URI of this Element's name
Method _dqa Dequalify an attribute key as needed
Class Variable _idCounter Undocumented
def __init__(self, xmlstream, stanzaType='set'): (source)
xmlstream:xmlstream.XmlStreamXmlStream to use for transmission of this IQ
stanzaType:strIQ type identifier ('get' or 'set')
def send(self, to=None): (source)

Send out this iq.

Returns a deferred that is fired when an iq response with the same id is received. Result responses will be passed to the deferred callback. Error responses will be transformed into a StanzaError and result in the errback of the deferred being invoked.

timeout: float = (source)

if set, a timeout period after which the deferred returned by send will have its errback called with a TimeoutError failure.

_xmlstream = (source)